Class! Some have it, some don't!

Some display class and others just don't! My daughter Robin showed up this weekend to my new digs with a bottle of champagne and a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Yes, that is a Matt Scheimann jug, Dan Murphy vase and smaller one by Lindsay Oestritter.  Nice company for Robin's flowers. I'm proud of you Robin. You display class!!! You were raised well.
Today I delivered some of my pink shino to a gallery I sell at to be told by the manager that there had been an anonymous complaint about my pink shino. A shino glaze with 2% pink stain in it for a colourant. The pink according to the supply house is 1% zirconium encapsulated cadmium and 9% zircopax. Why didn't anonymous contact me so we could have some dialogue?  So now I have to dig up documentation and send off a sample of the glaze to BSC Labs in Pennsylvania at a cost of $50 USD. I will do it though as I think there is just too much of this witch hunting going on that is putting back the advancement of ceramics thousands of years.
I wear my scars on my chest and not on my back. Cowards run and hide anonymously. I write this blog and express myself publicly not anonymously. I am certainly
not always right but you know who I am and how to get in touch with me.


Dennis Allen said…
Anonymous doesn't have a lot of credibility but that son of a bitch sure gets around.
Anne D said…
sad, probably just jealousy because you found the exact right addition to get a perfect pink for shino... I will continue to adore my pink pieces ;)
Vicki Hamilton said…
Right on T! Someone just wants to prove they know something (they think) without the sort of dialog that will dissolve whatever issue they think they have! Sheesh!
Anonymous said…
Probably a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. So cadmium is poison - we agree. There is less than 1% of it in the stain. And there is probably less than 10% of the stain in your glaze so that's less than 0,1% in the glaze. And what weight of glaze is exposed to food? And the stain is supposed to be stable at your temperature, but suppose that it all leached out in one cup - would it be enough to matter?

I had someone question the lithium content of a glaze once. Then I did some sums and checked with a friend in healthcare. She confirmed that even if all the lithium were released as lithium carbonate (which if course it wouldn't be by the time it is combined in a glaze) it would be way less than a single day's dose given to someone to a person with bipolar disorder.
Pam Wiseman said…
Beautiful pieces and flowers! Definitely class!
studio wendy said…
Lovely tableau! Too bad about the "complaint". Anonymous isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

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