New Age Sensitive Guys

My Georgia buddy Doc Ric Agel is forever posting pics on FB of these amazing smoothies and soups that he prepares. He thinks he is the only new age sensitive guy out there. Ha! It seems lots of potters have an interest in cooking. I'm not all that interested in the process but I am enjoying thinking about how I can use the food that is available around me. and I am interested in eating healthy.  Since I am busy unpacking the stuff for my house and packing the stuff for the 260 Fingers Show in Ottawa I thought I better clean up all the veg in my fridge and have a meal that is good on the run. So Doc, turkey bones and left over Thanksgiving turkey, kale, potatoes, red, green, yellow peppers, garlic, tomato, mushrooms, onions, fresh parsley from my window and a couple of spoonfuls of Korean hot sauce since I like HOT! Oh yeah, a bit of curry, some ground black pepper and a titch of that real salt from a mine in Utah.
A big bowl of this and a hunk of the bread I get from the Amish stand down the road and you got a meal that sticks to the bones.
Hey Doc!  I'll eat healthy till Jan then we have to go back to Fat Matt's in Atlanta for some southern BB-Q, a couple of wobbly pops and The Blues. Glenn Dair has a beauty old red pickup called Miss Lizella
we could go to Fat Matt's in. We would totally look like good ole boys and shake this new age sensitive guy image.


Chandler said…
Nice looking stew Tony. We 'll feed you up this weekend on the best Lebanese food ever that we are lucky to have in the Ottawa area. See you soon.

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