Found me a couple of hot babes

Well, I'm broadening my parameters in the search for the perfect hot babe! I went to the birthday party of my cousin Brenda's mums 100th. She was joined by her older sister Helen who is checking in at 104. She was at the tearoom for lunch today so she arrived at the party politely late. Hey and they are both single! I tried to get them both to smile for the camera by saying sex and whiskey but it didn't register a grin. Either they couldn't hear me or they don't remember either bringing all that much happiness in their lives. To think Tress was driving her car up until 6 months ago. Aylmer where I live has a disproportionate number of old people driving cars. I am very cautious around 4 way stop signs. You see a car coming at you with a steering wheel and below it a small head like creature. It's an old person with a license.


smartcat said…
You're a babe magnet no doubt about it! How terrific that the two ladies are still together!
Debbie said…
Damn! Don't they look great for their age.
Sandy miller said…
I call the those folks the Q-Tip drivers.......:)

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