The Wild Bunch

Here is the group photo from last week at 260 Fingers in Ottawa. I can't believe a week has gone by. It was a great show! I sold some pots and

I made a lot of good contacts. It still amazes me that some of my clay heroes have hung in so long. Most have supportive partners that help with the sooooooo many tasks involved in making and selling pots. Read my book "Stuck in the Mud" for the comprehensive list of over 150 things we do in the life an everyday studio potter. Oh, while I'm pimping myself if you want me to send out my book to a clay friend just say the word. I'm thinking Christmas reading with a hot toddie.
Send me an email at It's $20 plus shipping and I send ya a Paypal invoice. Thanx!


Kate P. said…
I've just figured out the 360 fingers name. (I'm slow). Looks like everyone had a good time.
Anne D said…
And might I just mention its really a very entertaining read!!
Carol Smeraldo said…
Your book is loaded with laughs and giggles and some serious stuff if you look hard!

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