Blues or Polka?

Well I've got the van packed and I'm wondering what I forgot to take. There will be something knowing me. There is not much I can do about the work I'm taking. It's set in stone and any thoughts I have about marketability and how to survive the winter is all just a dice throw away. Good thing I don't do this for a living! Ooops, I do!!! The one thing I remember about shows was watching some do the polka and me getting da blues. I'll keep ya posted! I don't need a lot of customers. I just need some gooduns. Ann which basket do you want. I'll save it! Gee after the week you've had I feel like giving it to you. Chandler wanted a cup so that is two sales. No wait I'm staying with Chandler and Mike on Saturday night so I'll want to give the cup to them. My whole world is potter friends. I always want to be generous. Choose different and live life generously is my weekend mantra. To all my friends doing the Hamilton Potters Guild Sale this weekend all the best of luck. Watch that Iris isn't boot legging her killer red VW Van cups out of the back of her car. It's a hanging offense don't ya know.


Dennis Allen said…
You'll get into it in no time. It's just like falling off a bicycle.
Have a great show ... hope you get to do the $1000 dance right off the bat!
smartcat said…
Toes crossed for so many sales that you have nothing left to pack for the home trip!

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