Lord, don't fix me yet!

If anyone has read my book "Stuck in the Mud" ya know I have a bit of a history with Mormonism. I took my daughter Robin to see "The Book of Mormon" the other night. Written by one of the writers of South Park so you know it was irreverent and naughty. I loved it!
  I read that a damn fine potter Brandon Phillips was working at Walmart and Carter wrote of another throwing in the towel. I thought "holy shit" I better make my pots more marketable cause I'm next! I've been working full tilt boogie and I think I may have lost my mind. God, I miss it! 2015 is a very exciting year for me with workshops and travel all over the dang world. So Lord don't fix me until after April of 2016 cause I'm booked to do the North Carolina Potters Conference then and between now and then I've got some pretty great dance dates. I'll be in a town somewhere near you in 2015. I am in GA, WV, Fl, Korea, Ottawa,  NJ(2), Wales, BC(2) and Italy. I also have this amazing wood fire mentor ship group that has us firing wood kilns all over.  In between all this I am organizing workshops for Pinecroft Centre for the Arts. Gee, I gotta make some pots in between gigs. A champion is a dreamer that refuses to give up. Give me until 2016- please!


Anne D said…
are the Ottawa and 2 BC gigs teaching workshops or demo ones? Just idle curiosity at this point, I'm trying to see if I can afford Uni for my youngest and a workshop for me in the same year...
Home Depot, still soul crushing but with a living wage. I teach two clay classes at one of our local universities, I'm picking up a third in the spring, I've been there for seven years, so at least I'm still in the clay! I'm down but not out!
Dennis Allen said…

hmmmmm. ncpc is one i've wanted to do for a while.

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