Ashes of War

I cleaned out the firebox of the walnut firing today. God, I have never had this much ash and to think of the buckets of coals we racked out during the firing. It was a war zone! I even had to crow bar a ledge of crusty melted ash about 8 inches up the throat arch on the bag wall. The inside of the kiln is a grey matt ashed surfaced. I'm rethinking this total nut firing. I have some ash cut and stacked log cabin style that should be ready for the next firing to mix in with the walnut. I do love the ash from walnut but it sure makes ya scratch your butt. There is really nothing more humbling than a stalled wood kiln. Even the primaries above the hobs(firebox)
are covered in black soot. We just couldn't keep the kiln out of reduction. 


Anne D said…
wow, that's a lot of ash... does that mean the walnut wasn't quite dry? or is it just creating a lot of creosote? curious newbie minds wanna know...

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