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Last weekend we had a great evening concert in the Green Frog Tearoom at Pinecroft by some local boys in a band called Snuffy Jenkins. The lead singer and songwriter Brian Abbey had been with The Dixie Flyers for 40 years. He is an awesome songwriter and they put on a dynamite show. These are local boys from the little town of Aylmer.  I looked at Brian’s shoes, his sweater, his jeans and thought my why isn’t he well clad??? He oughta be on top of the world.  What we sacrifice to make art is amazing. He looked like he loved what he was doing and that my friends and $1.25 will get ya a coffee at the local donut store. Most of us that don’t have independent means and are trying to make work off the beaten path have subsidized this life with all we can muster. Hey if you have an extra $10 bucks order a Snuffy Jenknins CD. www.snuffyjenkins.ca  I’ve been listening to it all day long. Good stuff from the heart.


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