Sleeping with a rat

Here is my guest room that I call the Rat's Nest. I have a collection of Ronnie the Rats pots in this room. Ronnie happens to be my favourite contemporary potter and he is one of my good buddies to boot. I am thrilled that in a little over a month I'll be making the trek down to Georgia to help fire the Ratagama along with a collection of good people I can't wait to toss sticks with. I got a bunch of good ole boys in Georgia I am anxious to see- Steve, Doc,  Carter, Ted, Jeff,Wade, Glenn and others. Ronnie and Hester are the ultimate hosts. Their home is your home and we eat, drink and laugh a lot. I have to redeem myself this year as I completely turned my killer chicken wings into charcoal last year. To say my mind was on a different planet was an understatement.
So to spend some time in the Rat museum is like a holiday for this cowboy. There is a chicken plate on the wall outside I have liked for probably 5 years now. I think it is time to come to nest.If a potter needs a place to stay and you're in my town you got a place sleeping with a rat overlooking you.


Jeff Abney said…
Hope I get to come by while you're in Athens, Tony!
Tracey Broome said…
I was fortunate enough to attend the Utilitarian Clay Conference at Arrowmont the year Ron Meyers presented, same year I discovered the Clennell name. It was worth every penny, he was a delightful presenter and so fun to watch. The room was packed and I moved on. Poor Victoria Christian was on at the same time in another room and she was all alone. I got to sit and absorb all of her amazing talent all by myself. It was worth missing the rest of Rons presentation. As I sat there, Bruce Cochrane, Linda Christiansen and Michael Kline wandered in. What a weekend!
carter gillies said…
Looking forward to getting to see you again!

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