Asheboro, Japan

What a travel day I had yesterday. Got a flight alert at 2am that my flight was cancelled. Not much ya can do until someone is there to answer the phone. Then you are lucky if someone does. It is usually a robot. Turns out they rescheduled me on an earlier flight which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't live 2 hours away and my car was covered in 1 inch of ice that needed kettles of boiling water to be able to chip away. So I left Toronto for NYC only find out my flight to Greensboro, NC was cancelled and then rescheduled for 5 hours later. Got my rental car at 10pm and thankfully my lovely Australian GPS assistant took me to my hotel. Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke being the classy organizing hosts that they are had a nice welcoming basket in my room which was supper. Trail mix, BBQ chips, dark chocolate, mandarins, gourmet waters and ginger chews.
From the moment you get off the plane you see North Carolina craft being celebrated. I am told NC is next to Japan in it's reverence of pots. In the lobby here was this folder for the legendary Seagrove. Lordy, lordy look how many potters I'm going to have to visit. Meeting my USU grad school chum Sunshine Cobb for breakfast and then we're going to spend a great 4 days together. 


Sorry to hear it was a rough travel day. Enjoy the conference. Jeff and I may try to get to the exhibition on Friday afternoon. Look forward to meeting you!
RichardA said…
I loved doing that will too! I missed a day as we got 38 inches of snow on my travel day...despite that, it's one of my best memories of my potting career. Go get em, Mr. C and just be you.
cookingwithgas said…
Stop in if you get some time.
Anonymous said…
Michele reports your pots were flying off the shelves! Good work!

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