Kansas City here I come!

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas. It may be appropriate that we take the stool bus to Kansas City after the shit storm of politics that is going on there.  I  love America and many of my very best friends live below 49. The thing I stay clear of is the politics. The country seems so divided at this point they don't need the opinion of a foreigner that happens to believe he lives in The Promised Land.
On Tuesday I load on the bus with the Sheridan students for a long trip to The Heartland of America- NCECA Kansas City, Missourah. I was going to drive but it is 1000 miles and although I trust my old 2001 Honda CRV I think I'll give the two of us a rest. I've been busting it out pretty hard lately and I think reading a book and catching some zzzzzzz's  while someone else drives is in order. Funny how catching some zees's sounds right but the proper zed's just doesn't work in this case. Sometimes America gets it right.
I usually come home with no voice, the flu and a bunch of tools I don't really need. I am going to feast on some BBQ which I believe will be beef and not pork. It's going to be hard to top Jeff Brown's vinegar pulled pork.
USU is having a show on Thursday night at The Boulevard Tavern. Such an appropriate venue for the ones that were at USU when I was there. I think they could very well had been that bad influence on the rest of my life. I can't wait to be with them as we clink our glasses with a "beer and a bump".


smartcat said…
Think of all the energy you are storing up by not driving. Unless it turns into a party bus, which was often the case on my old art school trips to NYC!
There are many tools waiting for a forever home! I'm sure you will do your part to help!
Barbara Rogers said…
North Carolina a few days ago, now KC! You'd best watch out or you might just decide to vote (or run for office!) Welcome to all the wild and crazy fun of NCECA...and MO. I hope you enjoy yourself!

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