Size Matters!

I've spent all of my life somewhat vertically challenged. That's PC for kinda short. I rehearsed all the quick come backs. It's not the size of the gun. It's the gunner! It's not the size of the ship. It's the motion in the ocean.  It's not the weapon. It's the flurry of the attack! You have others.  Here are a couple of kilns in Seagrove that are made for big ware. No sense trying to fire big pots in a small kiln. There is an economy of scale when it comes to firing wood kilns. It often takes as long to fire a small kiln as a big one. Here are a couple of big buggers. David Stuempfle works alone and makes pots the size of garden sheds. I've always said the best deal in the house is the big pot. Hard to make, hard to glaze, even harder to fire and the success rate is not the same as the humble coffee cup. Imagine the number of coffee cups you could load into the space of one of David's big pots.  First David's small kiln and Steve Godfrey standing beside one of David's tiny sugar bowls. Here is a pic of Ben Owen the thirds chamber kiln which is state of the art with doors on tracks. Then out to Daniel Johnson's kiln that is actually a work of art. As for size I did love the studio and house of Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke. They have the most beautiful glazes I have ever seen. 


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