Seeing snakes!

I'm taking Clyde home to meet Jack. I'm not really all that fond of snakes and I'm not sure how Jack is going to take to two snakes being in The Cactus Lounge. I don't see snakes in this painting. I see a wonderful story of a man that lives his art. He could care less if you like it and that is certainly not his motivation. He loves the critters of the forest and he sees them in all the colours of the rainbow. I am wondering if in a strange way this is critter abstract impressionism.  As you know my guest room The Rat's Nest has a nice collection of Ronnie the Rats. I think the snakes will be at home with the rats. Ron would like Clyde's work and Clyde would like Ron's work so I think they will get along rather well.
I had a nice visit to Crystal King's Pottery yesterday where she informed me about "Outsider Artists" like Clyde. Many of these artists if they couldn't find a way to live on their own would be committed to an insane asylum. They see art everywhere just like children. I seem to have a love for this work. As a Canadian I remember seeing a film, reading a book and going to an exhibit of the work of Nova Scotia outsider artist Maude Lewis.
I'm at the Greensboro Airport waiting to fly home to Jack and my home. What a wonderful conference here in NC. More on it later when I get home. I'm coming back next year on my way down to Ronnies to help fire the Ratagama. I promised Clyde I'd send him a picture of him and me. I think I'm going to make something
for him and hand deliver it.


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