King Kong went to Paris

I had my dreams come true yesterday. Some years ago Mark Hewitt sent me to the home of Clyde Jones  "Outsider Critter Artist". Clyde had thousands of critters all over his property. He offered to sell me one for $100. I didn't know if it was worth $5, $100 or $1000. I didn't buy it and have felt regret for over a decade. So I found out the dancer Bresnakov went there with his entourage and wanted to buy something. Clyde said no he was too big a shot. Bresnakov's agent told Clyde he should sell him something because he was famous. Clyde answered " If he is famous and wants to buy something from me I must be more famous!. No sale!! Clyde told Bresnakov if he really wanted to be famous he should work with children.  Clyde is loved by his community and gives his work to charities and the support of children. He has had shows in NY, Paris, China all arranged for him by his adoring fans.  He attended his show in NYC wearing a bad fitting suit and a ball cap that read" I'd rather drive a Chevy."  Seagrove potter Fred Johnson took me there. Here is Fred riding a horse. Fred asked Clyde where the big sculpture of King Kong had gone! King Kong went to Paris answered Clyde.
Clyde asked me if I would take him to the gas station to get some gasoline for his tractor. Of course I would and it was a hoot. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. He kept asking me how much I owed him. Nothing Clyde it is just a pleasure to help a fellow artist. How much do I owe ya! Fred saw an old painting  of two snakes hanging on a nail on the porch. He asked Clyde what he was going to do with it. Clyde said I ain't gonna sell it to nobody but that guy from Canada can have it for driving me to the gas station.  He told me I had to promise to never sell it because it was going to be worth some money one day. It is priceless to me and I will treasure it and the memory. I had won the North Carolina lottery. It is an oil painting on masonite  of two snakes with buckeye nut eyes. I have it under books right now trying to straighten it. Clyde told me if I had been hanging on a nail since 1989 I'd be bent too. I am a damn lucky man!


Ron said…
Awesome!! I glad you got to go out there. What a great story.

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