Good Canadian Stock

There will be three good Canadians
 at the NC Potters Conference. Did you know that Sunshine Cobb was born in Vancouver, British Columbia??? We'll forgive her for leaving us but she is smart enough to keep dual citizenship. She may want an exit strategy.
Then as I walked in the door of the registration office I saw my man Andrew Kellner is one of the recipients of the Dwight Holland Scholarships to attend the conference so I will be spending some time with Andrew this weekend.
Sunshine and I went shopping today. I am considering some new art work for The Cactus Lounge. Both are highly appropriate. 


dan finnegan said…
Give my regards to Sunshine!
Norm Wheeler said…
Have to have 'em to was 'em????????
Anne D said…
Get both!! I can see one on the door and one near a sink ...
Just spent two fantastic days learning from Tony at the North Carolina Potters Conference. Many new techniques which certainly will both make my life easier and improve my pottery. Also left the conference with 5 of Tony's pieces in addition to his book. Thank you so much, Tony, for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

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