Just what the Doctor ordered!

I had Shane Norrie and Elizabeth Davidson from the soon to be opened Shane Norrie Contemporary Gallery in Stratford, Ontario drop by today to select some work. I wanted to put on the dog so I got the best that Aylmer can offer- bacon covered donuts and good freshly brewed coffee.  I spared the haute couture of Aylmer that is camoflauge pants and matching ball cap. When you’re really in the moment you have a camoflauge hoodie. The women wear the camoflauge ball cap with a pom pom on top which I’m beginning to find very sexy.
I like to deal with galleries that are run by people that have walked the walk. They know that money needs to be paid to the artist and done so on a regular basis. Asking for your money each month is belittling and makes you feel like you are asking for spare change. It is money owed to you and you are not asking for a handout.
There is a soft opening on Saturday, April 2, 2016. All the very best of luck Shane and Elizabeth. This will be a very classy venue. That is a given.

I love Stratford. A town of theatre, fine books, fine dining and now an amazing gallery.


Everything is better with bacon... even doughnuts.
Anonymous said…
Bacon, butter or cheese
smartcat said…
Yum bacon! Oh yeah, and pots too!
check the date on the invitation image.

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