My boring life

I usually have something to say about my boring life. These past days have been a blurrrrrr and now that life ain't boring I got too much to tell ya about. I've had a great time hanging out with my friend Sunshine and my new friend  Steve Godfrey aka Slim. You had to be at the conference to get the reference to Slim.
Let's start with dinner at Dwight Holland's house. Pots everywhere and he has already donated 1000 of them. Only 2000 + left in the house. I have never seen such a comprehensive collection. And oh yeah such a fine southern gentleman.
I guess it is up to the delegates to rate the presenters but from my vantage point the 3 of us clicked, clicked, clicked. Here is a collaborative piece we put together to auction off for the Dwight Holland Scholarship for someone to attend the conference next year. Bowl with satellite dish and do-do bird.
I've got the next 2 days in Seagrove to chill and visit some potteries. This is an amazing place to be a potter. 


Unknown said…
NC loved having you and really, I was asking what he kept his salt in!!!

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