Outsider Art

My current obsession as if I need another one is "Outsider Art". It was fuelled by a visit to Crystal King Pottery in Seagrove where Crystal has some awesome ugly jugs and paintings of fringe artists. Crystal knows her stuff and got me all excited by this work. Today I rented a pickup to go to Tee-ohh to pick up an old blue cupboard of my daughter Robin's that doesn't fit in her half million dollar Toronto little semi detached. I will keep it in safe keeping until she gets bigger digs or I croak and she moves into The Cactus Lounge.
We went out for brunch and parked on a side street in front of this "Outsider Art" house. This is really art that is outside and I'm sure the neighbours are beside themselves. The value of the house next door would be next to nothing. I see the star spangled banners so I'm sure it is one of the loonies that climbed over our new wall to keep Merikans out of The Promised Land. I had a good laugh but I am sure glad it ain't my neighbour.


Dennis Allen said…
I think if they were your neighbor you would be over there all the time.

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