Be Free

Bobby Free it is good to see you in the blogashpere. I will introduce you and your blog to those that read mine. Bobby was part of a team that rescued me down from a friggin’ mountain in China. The strength ,will power and endurance of you and Trevor Dunn will never be forgotten by this cowboy. Bobby’s father read my blog while we were in China and wrote me to say you make me soooooo proud of that kid. Well, Bobby do Dad proud!
Here are a couple of pics from China. One is probably when Bobby first asked himself- to blog or not to blog and the other is with a pile of bones from his usual pig out dinners.
I want to answer your question about “to blog or not to blog”. The answer is to do it for the right reason. Yes, exposure and getting yourself out there is important but it should not be the reason for your blog or your work. It is about your willingness to share your life and your art with others. If it were all about exposure we wouldn’t show our warts, our failures and yes even admit our weaknesses. It is just another creative process that we do as self sustaining artists.
Many of us that work at home are stranded on a island that is sometimes visited by friends and customers but for the most part we work away from the company water cooler. This is our way of keeping in touch!
You like I have been blessed with a creative life and last time I checked you even had a creative partner. That is essential! Who else would live with a potter much less ones like you or I.
P.S Remember even your Dad might be reading ya, sooooooooooooooo!!!!!


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