The Fat Lady Sings

The excitement of the wood firing a couple of weeks ago brought out the pyromaniacs again. This time they recruited the assistance of their second year classmate Franzzzzzzzie the Gentle Giant. Frans was there at 3am to split wood till 6am before he went to work. Back at 4pm to help the ladies again. Here is Franzzie with the Barbie Q chicks on the casting couch in front of the firebox where Sean aka Jack was cooking some baked potatoes in the coals raked from the firebox. Nothing like an Irish 7 course meal- 6 Guinness and a potato. Sean, Jenny and Kass posing as typical Canucks with their Horton's in hand. Tim Horton's coffee is the life blood of Canada. I left at 6pm and Cone 9 was tipping. They would fire until the Fat Lady Sang at Cone 11 tipping. I hope it was around 8. A damn fine crew- indeed!!!


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