In Good We Trust

On Clayart today Mel made reference to the value of travel and how you can’t package the noises and the smells of real travel. The Disneyland version of it is no substitute. I also got a note from John Neely about teaching. John always seems to drop by with an email or phone call just when I need it. I’ve been thinking a lot about teaching lately. I have said it many times before “I stand on the shoulders of giants!” Will my experience as a studio potter be best served by educating the masses via workshops or help a smaller number in the classroom? I got a note from one of the Sheridan students today saying during my tenure there seemed to be a eureka moment. So nice to hear!
I believe in good teaching! I believe in hard work! I believe in good work!
Here is John holding me up! Enjoy this little rant that John sent me-


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