God is in the Details

Go ahead and laugh your hearts out as we prepare gifts for the Annual Guinea Pig Convention. Success in this business is all about what you do when ya don't have to. We got an order to supply gifts for a Convention of Guinea Pig enthusiasts and it's worth a fair chunk of change. Sheila is in the showroom putting the gifts in bags and wrapped with ribbons. We could have wrapped the gifts in newspaper and put them in a couple of empty beer cases. No, no, no! Perception equals value. We want the Convention organizers to know they got value for their money. IT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!!!!!
I'm working in the studio making the gift that is most given at weddings and least used. The casserole! We sell a lot of casseroles for weddings and I don't know of anyone that actually uses them other than to take to a pot luck loaded with something other than a casserole. So here I am stamping the body, the foot, the knob, the handles and once again adding little details that I don't have to. Being studio potters gives you a life that is never the same day to day. Life is good for those that know that life is good.


Jake Jarodsky said…
Mies van der Rohe..... I love that quote


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