The Kiln Devil

Go to heaven for the climate and to hell for the company- Mark Twain.
We loaded our gas kiln today with some refires from the Sheridan wood fire and a bunch of the ash celedon stamped pieces. Sheila has some crackle boxes in there too!
I put our little kiln devil in the kiln to warm him up a bit since it has gotten wet and miserable here in Canada's Banana Belt. Our little kiln devil was produced by Dog Bite Steel and sits on top of the kiln to protect it from evil. Check out Dog Bite Steel- very coooooooool stuff!
Ok, so I've shown ya mine now show me yours. Send your kiln gods/devils to and I'll post what I get next week after NCECA


MattyT said…
any chance you would be willing to share that ash glaze recipie?

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