Do What Ya Luv (No excuses)!

One of the Sheridan students Jack aka Sean Robinson sent me this u-tube link that I hope he sent to me as I personify a guy that has done just that. I turned my back on currency in favour of a legacy. Thanx Sean I really enjoyed it!
I got inspired yesterday looking at a Han dynasty vessel. I thought hmmmmmmmmmm I live in wine country! I should make some Han dynasty inspired ice buckets. Saturdays here at Sour Cherry Pottery is Pino Grigio Day so now I will have ice buckets to keep the PG chilled. I bet people are going to want them. The trouble with sketching at the wheel is I forgot that I needed to make that middle ring concave so that when I stamp and push out it is more like a straight wall. The one at the back I threw out- It just didn't cut it!
I cut up a red plastic pail lid to make me a little profile to get the feet sorta the same shape and size.I cut them in half and will add them tomorrow- 4 to a bucket.


gz said…
Read "Dream" from March 8 on Tracey Broome's blog-it is a quote from Paula Coelho-
"Too often we decide to follow a path that is not really our own, one that others have set for us.We forget that whichever way we go the price is the same. In both cases we will pass through difficult and happy moments, hours of solitude and many complex situations. But when we are living our dream, the difficulties we encounter make sense.
I believe it is better to live a dream rather than to simply dream it. The dream is the start of something greater, something that impels us to make daring decisions. And it's true that the person who pursues a dream takes many risks, but the person who does not, runs risks that are even greater."

Paulo Coelho
smokieclennell said…
GZ- I visited your website I luv the puzzle jugs. I lived in Wrexham for 2 months with a buddy who married a Welsh woman and moved there. I tossed a few pints in the Horse and Jockey a thatched roof pub. thanx for the thoughtful post.
Unknown said…
And the conversation we had about twitter. The wine aspect was interesting. Did you go to his site?
smokieclennell said…
SeanL I did go to his website. He is very high powered. I'd need drugs to rant like that.I also don't have time for twitting. I have to make the product as well as sell it and all the rest. thanx though Tony

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