Spring has sprung!!!

We unloaded the gas kiln this afternoon with a load of celedon. Beamsville's Martha Stewart without a jail record is going to have half of our showroom in a spring theme with ash celedon and some tulips and fresh flowers. We have ice buckets for the Pinot Grigio, vases for the flowers and casseroles for the wedding gifts. This celedon had a tendency to craze so I did a test where I added 5% silica and it solved the problem. I really like this glaze over the crackle slip.
I'm off on Tuesday with 25 students from Sheridan College to Nceca Philadelphia. So many friends, so many shows to see, so little time.


gz said…
Does adding 5% silica change the maturation temperature of the glaze?
Allyson May said…
Hey Tony,
These are really rock'n! I like the cup with the molded handle as well...can't wait to see it fired. Question on that crackle slip. I've made up some from John Britt's book (p.62) but I don't know when to apply it. Recipe doesn't say and I have sent Sir John 4 emails with no reply...must be busy. Anyway, any ideas? Wet, leather, dry, bisque? I'm gonna try it out in a 5 day Anagama firing next month.

Allyson May

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