Canada, eh!

Today it's 6 degrees C which means we can start putting pots out in the sun to dry quicker. The day after this post Sir Robin Hopper will email to tell me about his daffodils, primula, snow on the mountain, crocus all in full bloom out on Canada's wet coast. Hey, they're all tulips to me.
Here are some vasssssssssssses not vazzzzzzzzzzzzes where I played around with handle placement. Yes, I put handles on vases. I've even done plates! What's the difference between a vaze and a vase you say? Usually about $50!
This tray with scalloped rim is one of our repeat items that Sheila has to get at least 8 in every firing. We can't keep them in supply. The local red clay slip gives a beautiful persimmon colour under the shino.
Here too is one of Sheila's boxes from the last firing. It has applied deckals not deeeeeecals like my friends south of 49 say. When I said decal (deckal) at USU everyone thought I was speaking Greek.


Hollis Engley said…
What? No crowing about the two hockey golds????
john post said…

This has been a great week of blog posts. I've enjoyed every one of them. The vases in this last one look so fresh.
black velvet wendy said…
Always enjoy the blogs and appreciate the explanation again of vases v. vahzzes, and decals v. deekals... now, from your wares, do you serve pralined pecahns or pee-cans?1?

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