Tribute to a Greasy Spoon

I've always liked Sunday breakfast at a greasy spoon diner served by real waitresses that often times sport bad tattoos, pancake makeup and painted nails. They call ya hun or darlin' and fill your coffee cup the moment ya sit down. They're good at their jobs and don't pretend that they're just doing this until they finish their Phd or get that movie gig. I always tip them generously for the great service.
I also love the thick rimmed coffee cups and the one finger round handle. I have made a career outta handles and I think I pull a pretty dang good one. Well to celebrate the diner waitress I made some coffee cups and poured some porcelain handles to put on them. I've had the mould kicking around for years. I didn't want them to be all that plain Jane so I have impressed them, I left the back bone seam on the handle and I smooshed it on with my thick porcelain slip. Here's to you ladies and my Sunday heart attack on a plate.


Mr. Young said…
"Here's to you ladies and my Sunday heart attack on a plate."

Hear, Hear! Good to know that others enjoy those places as well!

Interesting idea - moulding the handles so they all match. One way to do it I guess.

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