I've been working with stamping ever since I can home from USU. I discovered these wooden stamps made by MKM. I enjoy using them as I can push out around the stamp or the impression itself. This texture really works well for glazes that pool and break. This ash celedon that I use would be fairly uninteresting on just a plain surface but where it pools and breaks on the textured surface really brings this glaze alive. I'm trying to reinvent myself but by and large customers are still buying our carbon trap shino with slips.
4 of my ladies from Sheridan dropped by for a visit the other day so I didn't get to altering the rim of some bowls and as well the rims dried out. Necessity being the Mother of Invention had me place the handles further down the bowl. I kinda like it actually. Rick from MKM likes what I'm doing so he has me as a poster boy at Nceca. Stamp- ede his booth and pick up a poster of my cups.


Trish said…
Love the stamping...stamp-ede..:) and Tim Horton's coffee..good plugs for us Canucks!..I have actually won a coffee and a donut in this 'roll up the rim to win' event!..hahah..
Have a super weekend.
Trish from Alberta
FetishGhost said…
Handles on your hips... love handles?
John Bauman said…
I've been watching as you've started doing these stamped pieces. I love 'em.
Mr. Young said…
Excellent texture with those stamps! I bet you do get some really nice breaks and pools in the glazes!

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