How to Lose Money in Pottery

Step #1- Take a perfectly good vase form and pull a lip on it. It is now a jug! Charge 1/3 less for it.
Step#2- Decide to put a lid on it! It is now a coffee pot. Charge even less maybe half price.

Step #3- Decide you want to wood fire that said coffee pot.There goes 3 days labour so we're now making the coffee pot for free.
Now, wasn't that easy! I've been doing it for years.
You see there is much more money to be made in the living room  than the kitchen. A coffee pot is destined to live in the kitchen and the vase to live in splendor filled with beautiful flowers in the living room or the center of the table. Yes, the vase will live center stage while the coffee pot is destined to be the work horse.
So if I'm so smart why do I continue to make jugs and coffee pots out of a perfectly good vase? I set out to make a vase and then sit back and look at it and say to myself "That would make a really nice jug!!! I think I suffer from a fear of financial success.


Dennis Allen said…
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Dennis Allen said…
Could be worse. You could be turning perfectly good jars and crocks into flower pots by cutting holes in the bottom.
Darlene said…
And how much did you have to discount for each beautiful handle you added, Tony?
Darlene Yarnetsky
John Britt said…
You could try taking a perfectly good sink and fill the hole and make a better foot and charge $800 less for it! That is what I do.
Vicki Hamilton said…
TC - Love the coffee server. I've done them as well - they look awkward to me - more awkward than yours. I like 'em though.

Always I think of you when I pull a spout or a handle!

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