da blues

I got the winter blues. Today it's -27 out there and I got a couple of little electric heaters in the workshop. This is the worst winter I can remember for cold temps. Next weekend starts the new season of teaching at Pinecroft and I want to get out to the workshop and work on some different teapot bodies and spouts.
I'm still on my fitness kick so I'm going out in the cold this morn for my 5km walk. If you don't read another blog by tomorrow phone 911.
Going to meet a fellow wood firer Duncan Aird for lunch to talk about a firing schedule for the Hamilton Potter's Guilds Manabigama. They have been firing it in record fast times and I'm  thinking Duncan isn't really too happy with the surface.
Here are some of my glaze tests to find a decent blue. These are great and I don't have to fire them either!


Vicki Hamilton said…
These are lovely, T! Even though they're blue! Graceful, juicy and alive!
Anonymous said…
911!!!..911!!!...ha, ha!

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