Finnegan's Bait

Dan posted some oval vases on FB the other day with some sexy handles perched on the top. He was baiting me! I know he was!!! So I succumbed to making some oval bottles that I'm in the process of putting together. I got to sleep on the handles. I took the oval bait but I ain't sure if I'm going to swallow the handles hook, line and sinker. From looking at my bottles you know the perch ain't gonna work. I'm thinking about a big sucker off the rim to the body. I don't usually work at night but I'm damned tempted to go out to the workshop and land those trout right now. Going to lift them off the table a bit with an oval foot. I've always had a foot fetish.
Looking forward to working with Dan this summer. He'll be straightening out my pots and I'll walk by his and give them a smack. It'll be great fun!


Dan Finnegan said…
Ah, doing me one better as always, Tony! ...although I'm sure that I could find a way to pull some handles off the tops....these are wonderful and you are right about my tight ass work needing a nudge now and then.
When I first arrived at Winchcombe my friend Toff Milway handed me the book "One-Upmanship" by Steven Potter. It set the tone for my whole time there and it comes to mind reading your post. The game is afoot!
Vicki Hamilton said…
I love 'em! They look like drunken sailors!
carter gillies said…
These are awesome! Well done Tony!

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