Some and some

I think I was afraid to go out to the workshop today and make pots. After the drunken sailors and all the great conversation I lost sight of what kind of a maker I am. I sketched most of the afternoon and tried some different brushes, pens and the bamboo stick. Grass has recommended that I try a Japanese brush pen so if Curry's  Art Supplies is open on Sunday I'll see what they have.
I felt comfort in being reminded of Mick Casson's "some and some". Make some for the marketplace but don't forget to make some for yourself.  After all I don't have independent means and I have to make a living from my work. I have never made for the "large" audience so I have some freedom in what I make. I read that Kathy MacDonald was burning out on making some lifeless pots for an order. We do what we have to do to stay in the bizz. I only hope that Kathy rewards herself at the end with a nice long session of making pots for herself. Trouble is lengthy periods of making the same ole same ole can drive the creative spirit right out of you. Winter can drive it out of you, too!


Bruce said…
Terrific energy and value in your brush strokes, Tony. You might want to take up Chinese brush painting in your spare time. Here's a link for piston brushes:

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