Drunken sailors-oops I must have been drunk!

While at Ronnie's I picked up a teapot made by Chuck Hindes. I was going to wad the lid for the wood kiln. The lid didn't come off and looking in the spout there was no hole for the tea to pour out. It looked like a teapot! Oh, I get it this is the difference between art and craft. The normal definition is that craft is something you can piss in and art is something you can piss on. Pee ain't going to pour out of these bottles so ya better take a leak somewhere else.
 So this morning in an effort to change up the handles on these bottles I decided a number of things. Vicki Hamilton said they looked like drunken sailors so I gave a couple some arms. I promised Dan I'd pull one off the bottle cap. Once on there I thought heck they would be nice pouring vessels but I didn't want them to pour so I thru some solid spouts as handles.
Tomorrow I better throw some cups to pay for the clay I just used up being an artist.


Dennis Allen said…
Functional handles for when you want to pick up a drunken sailor? The traditionalist in me likes the one on the right, the Tony fan in me likes the one on the left.
Unknown said…
great pots Tony. I'm gonna go and give my pots a little smack and attach some interesting handles. Thanks for the inspiration.

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