Reading Finnegan's Mind

Dan said on FB he needed some time to respond to the drunken sailors. He had been thinkin' of them all day long. I must have thought about his response all night long.
I wouldn't buy a car with a bump in it so what makes me think people would buy a pot with a bump in it. I think it is a much easier sell something perfectly crafted and demonstrate your mastery of the craft. Are these bumps and dents of mine sloppy craftsmanship or intentional marks to show casualness and gesture? You wouldn't drive your new car off the lot and give it a big hit with your monster maul axe would you? What the hell could possess me to do this?  I made the drunks for the wood kiln and thought of the ash landing in these pockets and bumps. I really can't see them fired any other way than wood. I often try to build in areas for the ash to land in which shows off the bump even more. Damn good thing I ain't in the used car business. Hey Dan, how did I do at reading your mind?


Vicki Hamilton said…
T, you have built a name and a rep with line, bumps, dents, texture and gesture. Most folks know to expect the unexpected from your work. And, sometimes sleek and smooth is necessary.....other times it's overrated, in my humble opinion. Your work always leaves me inspired and asking "What if..."
Dan Finnegan said…
I've always advocated keying any new car one buys just to get over the fear of messing with perfection...maybe i need to apply that rule to my pots!

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