Wood I?

I spent the day on the wood splitter splitting oak and pine for the Ratagama. Kiln site has been swept and cleaned and shelves washed. Tomorrow the load starts. People rolling in to help out. Lots of good people, great company and awesome food.
Here is a pic of one of Ronnie's vases fired low fire in the wood kiln. There is a depth in the colour that is unrivaled with the electric kiln. I like this vazzzzzzzzzze very much. Ron is making some great work. He inspires me to live long and make better work.


Dan Finnegan said…
I think of his work as fearless! Enjoy yourself!
Anonymous said…
Isn't a wood splitter cheating?
Anonymous said…
Isn't using a wood splitter cheating?
smartcat said…
Uhhhh....splitting the wood is the goal. There is no difference between wood split with a splitter and an axe......except possibly an absence of pulled muscles.

Dare I say elegant for the vase!?

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