Forgive me, Lord

for I have sinned. The other day I drew yunomi's. Then yesterday I made yunomi's. No bloody handles, Lord! Next thing you know I will be calling my ash green glaze a celedon and my river mud black glaze temmoku. I might even find myself sitting on a pillow on the floor and not using my favourite David Fleming Windsor chair. Guiness stew for supper so I wonder how I will use chop sticks for din din.  I will miss my fork and chair.  I must be in a funk, Lord!
I see they get more money for yunomi's than cups. Hey maybe this is a break through for me. I can skip the step of pulling a handle, attaching it  and up the price. Now if I could just get myself to make them all the same I'd be on the gravy train. The only bright spot on my day today was hearing that Grass has snow in Victoria. I always hate his emails in Feb telling me about some Latin flower that is popping up in his garden.
PS: I have a collection of yunomi's and to be honest I just don't like using them. Why did I make em???


Ron said…
It's okay Tony. You can go back to making mugs and using your fork tomorrow. Nothing is permanent.

(Thanks for the recent message you sent me).

Cheers!! Ron
June Perry said…
Are chawans next??? I have to confess, that I love my salt glaze yunomi (AKA my morning V8 juice cup), that I bought at the Leach pottery about 35 years ago.
Dennis Allen said…
Bourbon cup by another name, of course so is a leftover jelly jar.
Togeika said…
Some folks think it is cute to be provincial. Just look at the Tea Party! ;)

On the other hand, many tea bowls made by folks who don't whisk tea make better nut bowls. It is good to make what you know.
I think you'll find that's not a yunomi but a whisky cup. Of course Welsh whisky is the best bot I expect there are others you may have to make do with!
Unknown said…
Faith and purpose can be confused by what is popular.

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