Rainy night in Georgia

It went from a beautiful sunny 70 degree day yesterday to a cold wet rainy night in Georgia. I think it's raining all over the world.  We loaded the Ratagama with lots of pots and the crew went in for a great lunch provided by Hester Meyers. A hot cup of black tea to warm the soul and lots of good company to talk pots and life with.
So I threatened to enjoy a bourbon from this Peter Voulkos cup of Ron's. Well it would take a shot just to put a wet mark on the bottom so I guess I'll just enjoy the cup instead. It looked like he trimmed the pot with a garden hoe. I do love it! There are great pots everywhere in this house.


jffollies said…
The warmth of good company is almost as good as the warmth of a bright , sunny day in Feb. You did come South for the most dismal winter in 40 years by most reckonings. Ya'll do look like ya'll are faring quite well. May the kiln gods be kind for the rest of your stay and good wishes to you and the rest of the crew.

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