I should have known!!!!!!

 I have been struggling to get a quick brush stroke in my handles. It took me thousands of pulled clay handles to get a good one so tonight I spent an hour trying to draw a good one. I used up one refill cartridge for my new Japanese brush pen and then switched back to a brush and ink. I think I like the brush better than the brush pen.
A friend sent me an article on being crazy and being creative. It said don't be afraid to fail. Hell, I'm crazy enough to show y'all.  I'm going to nail these drawn handles I just need to put in the time. The old 10,000 hours routine. It feels good when you start to see improvement. We all like doing things we are good at. We probably need to spend more time on what we don't do so well. Tomorrow for lunch I will attempt pheasant under glass with a peach salsa.


Unknown said…
Try painting it from the spout through the rim and then through the handle. Like in a bamboo stroke, taking a stop/revert/continue moment at the joints. One motion.
www.chandlerswain.ca said…
your drawings are wonderful and have the strength of your pots .
June Perry said…
Love your drawings Tony. They are so alive - like your pots.

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