The Ratmobile

Arrived at Ronnie's to help fire the Ratagama. Here is a pic of the Ratmobile. Would you picture Ron Meyers driving anything else that a VW bug. I love that car! I had two of them. One when my kids were young and we called it "Herbie the Love Bug". Lots of great memories with that car.
Here is the Ratagama waiting to be filled with pots. Steve from Arkansas is having trouble getting here thru freezing rain. The heavens must have opened for me as it was clear sailing all the way down.
Ronnie is carving up some southern vegetables for the Super Bowl game. Wings, ribs and salad. I do like this southern hospitality.
Going to walk/run in the Botanical Gardens first thing then split wood. No jackets required in this climate.


Jeff Abney said…
Hey Tony,
When are y'all going to start firing?
Dennis Allen said…
Those are some of my favorite vegetables too. Have a great time.

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