Gee this has been a pyromaniacs dream world. I got more stuff to tell ya than I have time to. Once an experiential learner always a experiential learner. There was a great blues band last night and there is a closing party tonight for presenters and all the volunteers who have done an amazing job.  Every t was crossed and every i had a dot. So many new friends from around the world. Just have to show you the ceremony of Lual a piece of kiln art by Rita Gudino. She was giving birth to raku babies till the wee hours of the night. I would say that is one hellava loooooooong labour for her to endure. It was kinda creepy to think of her assistant the gynaecologist reaching in with those rather aggressive forceps.   How about this shopping cart raku kiln? Just strap a propane tank underneath and off to go shopping while firing. Potter's multi tasking- Brilliant!
The anagama is unloaded, the junk kiln was awesome but with 1000 people crowded around I didn't get a good pic. The Steve Mill's tribute bourry box fired up by Joe Finch and David Frith to Cone 11 flat in 6 hours.
At this festival they have had kilns made of solid ice and phone books. What is next is up to the imagination of the directors. There must be something in the beer cause these bloks seem to come up with some amazing stuff.  Somehow I want to be here again in 2 years time. Best conference I have ever been too- bar none! Experience over delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad your having a good time in Wales. Don't forget the Welsh whiskey called Penderyn!! After all isn't that what yunomis are for.
gz said…
It takes a couple of years to work through the inspiration gained...then you are ready for a top-up!
John Britt said…
Tony, That green rolling grocery cart raku kiln? Was that Ole Rokvam's from Norway? I remember firing that at a workshop I did.

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