The Potter's Church -aye!

I have left the festival in Wales having said good bye to some new friends from around the world. I am one lucky bugger! We had a long day on the train up to the home of my ancestors in Newcastle on Tyne in Northumberland in north eastern England.  This is certainly a thick accent to understand. It is like a foreign language. I might as well be in Korea.
It is fitting that just down the street from the place we are staying is The Potter's Church- Go down to the potter’s house, and there I will give you my message.” Jerimiah.
I had been thinking of the potter's gospel according to Clennell on the train today. I have three students working here in the UK this year. Jordan Scott is working at the Leach Pottery in St. Ives for a year, Amber Zuber is taking her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London and I had a surprise visit by Amy Shindo who is up here in Northumberland. Amy is going to launch off for residencies in Europe. New to ceramics she has already been a resident at Peter's Valley in NJ and in Holland. We are hoping to share a pint with Amy in the next day. Spot on, aye! That is what a guy answered when Robin asked him how he was today.  Aye, I am delighted with what all my students are up to. One never knows what kind of impact we have on the destinies of the people we teach.  Like my own children t
hey make me so proud of them. 


Dennis Allen said…
Being proud of your students or your kids is a hard feeling to beat, Your are indeed a lucky man to be able to do both this week.
Chandler said…
My dad was from us Sunderland. Didn't realize you were a Jordie too. suits you, aye.

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