Heating Up

Here is some more of the going's on here in Aberystwyth. Joe Finch and David Firth built this little bourry box in about 4 hours. It is packed and ready to fire tomorrow. It is a tribute to the late Steve Mills who passed away this year. Steve was a amazing kiln builder who designed this little kiln but never got to fire it. Steve was who recommended me for this festival. Steve- I am sooooooo sorry I didn't get to meet you. This kiln is going to fire off like a rocket in your honour.
Gas Kimishima is firing off the anagama this evening and Sergi Pahissa is firing a sculpture kiln in the morning. Rita is firing the big mama kiln and my daughter Robin has been invited to throw the celebratory stokes into Big Mama.
20 clay artists gave a 5 minute intro into their work tonight of which I was one. Alan Caiger Smith was given the Lifetime Acheivement Award. A man in his late 80's walking with a cane he gave a superb acceptance speech about being on the fringe. I had a tear in my eye. He talked of traveling the world thru clay and how the clay community is so inclusive. Wake up Canada we need to honour our giants!


Anonymous said…
Fabulous! Tony, are the plans for that little gem of a kiln available anywhere on the Internet? Can't wait to hear how they all do!
Unknown said…
You are right about the need in Canada to honour our masters in some formal way....that is for sure something other than the GG awards, something like we saw in Korea.
Trish said…
So exciting, Tony.. happy you are having such a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing the posts and photos with us. Trish

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