My house is bug infested!

Here are three of the pillow cases that Andrew gave me. He made them when he was the textile program at Ontario College of Art and Design University while he was awaiting acceptance into a MFA program in Ceramics. It was in part to get to get his GPA up and to stay creative. What I love about these pillows is that they are referencing Japanese "Oribe ware" with a young persons twist on it. If there are two periods of Asian ceramics that I love it is the Tang Dynasty san cai (3 colours) earthenware and the white shino type glaze with iron decoration and the bright green runny glaze as an accent. I often get some so so pots from the wood kiln and have thought of redipping portions of  them in a low temp glaze and refiring in oxidation in my electric kiln. I have tried the "Oribe" type high temperature glazes in both gas and wood and because of reduction I get liver red. Nasty red!!!
I love the wood fired pots that Ken Matsuzaki does with the oribe influenced green and iron brush work. I saw a show of his in Mashiko when I was there and the pots blew my mind. Pots can reference textiles and textiles can reference pots. Look everywhere for your next influence.


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