Despise me not

Despise me not because I'm made of clay, but make me welcome when  I come this way, my belly fill with punch or good strong beer, and I will make you merry all the year. Ann Davis Aberystwith 1818.
This jug is for you Emma. What a great narrative and I love the positioning of it on the old jug.
I have said it many times but the events and business's that offer an experience will be successful. I can't begin to tell you all that is happening here at the potter's festival in Aberystwith, Wales. More to follow but let me begin- a anagama was built a week  before the festival, will be fired for 5 during the festival and opened on the final day, two wood fired pizza ovens are being built fired and we eat free pizza during the festival, a small bourry box wood kiln is being built Friday, fired Saturday and opened on Sunday, a large figurative women is being built and fired (this process is unbelievable) in a large fiber constructed tent kiln. She is birthing pots. She will be a rather large wood fired raku kiln. There is a show of the most amazing pots I have seen in ages- medieval slipware- be still my heart I am in love with these pots. Along with these pots is a huge collection of Cardew, Leach, State Murray, Rie, Coper, Kawai, Martin Brothers, Keeler, Casson, Hamada and the list goes on. There is the most amazing photography exhibit, painting show, a ballet going on, there are pubs on site all day long. I have met potters from Thailand, India, Serbia, Greece, France, USA and more yet to come. Registration is down this year. There are only 700 registered with more coming for day passes. I hope you are reading this Chris Snedden up coming Fusion pres. This is an experience where they are over delivering BIG TIME! I am so thrilled to be a presenter. Oh yeah, I am being treated like royalty.


chandler said…
nice Tony!!! thanks for telling us about your adventure! amazing.
Unknown said…
Oh I'm following know it! Sounds amazing Top Cat, all we need is the money and the will. Whadda ya think Chandler? The TSSA would love a woman shaped raku kiln birthing pots eh?! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Unknown said…
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