The Kid!

Well a week today the kid (Andrew Kellner)  heads back to Morgantown, WV to complete the second year of 3 years of his MFA at WVU. The summer has whizzed by and he is due back to start preparing for his classes. It's been awesome having him here for the pot talk, the company, and the sarcasm. It is going to feel lonely without him around.  He has added a couple of welcome additions to my collection. I am very particular about the pots in my house and I welcome these pots with open arms.  The large jar is a sweetie and I have yet to decide it's place of honour in The Cactus Lounge. I hope the next couple of years at WVU will add a few little tweaks to his solid body of work. The work is confident, strong and without pretense.  Yep the work is a lot like the man himself.  Go git em' kiddo! I'm counting on ya to stoke the dang kiln when I'm too old. Memory should never offer more than hope. My hope is to keep making and firing!


imagine said…
Two of the best pots I have seen. The boy is going places.

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