Big Mama kiln

Here is a pic of the lady wood fired raku kiln built by Rita Gudino from the Philippines.  A fiber kiln was built in order to bisque fire the lady. Gee I hope they candle the flame low enough not blow this woman's breasts off. Luckily there are steam holes in each that will serve as blow holes later. What a great piece of sculpture. I could even get interested in raku with such a kiln.
Rita and her assistant that she calls the gynaecologist are doing an amazing job. They are both full of great energy that I think shows in the humour of the work. The raku babies will be delivered from her this weekend.
Here is a dragon cone pack by Joe Finch the son of Ray. Always a hero for me from Winchombe Pottery. Off to the big stage. Cheers, t


Unknown said…
That is an amazing kiln. My pal Ron Z. Used to make dragon cone packs for the salt kiln in College. Miss that...
Unknown said…
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