Curtain Call!

It's our last day in the UK and we went to the V and A.  So nice to hang with Robin who loves what I love and our taste in things is so similar. She has been a treat to hang with. We went to the lady at the info booth in the V and A and said we'd like to see Ceramics.  Her answer " Go around the pillar, go up the lift to Floor 6 and it will blow your minds!" Well indeed it did. Geezus I need a week to look at these pots. Some sweet cups that made me think of new handles placements. Hot off the trail from Korea where I was blown away with puncheong and double walled carved porcelain pots.  I came upon this table 15th century Rosewood with bone inlay. Holy shit man this table must have taken years. What incredible craftsmanship!!!!!! Puncheong eat your heart out! Then a chair made in Bombay, India of Blackwood in 1870 that made double wall clay look like easy peasy. This was a time when there was time to make beautiful objects. I wish I had the time!


Polish Pottery said…
Looks amazing for me.

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