The Best Wood Kiln in the World

The very best wood kiln in the world is somebody else’s. Before you arrive with all your precious treasures someone has cleaned the firebox, chipped bricks, dipped kiln posts and most importantly moved tons of wood around from place to place, split it, stacked it, covered it, and got everything ready so that you can rock and roll. Hey take my picture stoking the kiln so I can put it up as my Facebook profile! Wish I could have taken a picture of Andrew soaked to the bone with sweat in very bad need of a shower. Some of the wood he split is what I call ball busters. Too nasty for me!

This is the start of the wood for the next firing. Andrew and I bucked the wood into 3 foot lengths, loaded it on the tractor, moved it to the wood kiln and then I threw it at him while he wielded the axe. We then gathered it and then stacked it in what I call log cabin style so that it gets lots of air movement through it.
So thanks Andrew. I am now doing a half a stack early in the morning just to keep ahead of the game.


Dennis Allen said…
Yup Tony. Like boats and swimming pools a wood kiln is a great thing for your best buddy to own.
ShellHawk said…
Wow! I guess that's one way to keep in shape, yes?

The insane part of me would love a wood kiln, but since I'm a delicate flower who is also a klutz, I'd have to have someone help with all that wood splitting. I imagine that's when most people either rent one or find a number of people don't seem to be available to help! ;)

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