Farting in the bath tub

These two forms best describe the form I love which was once described by my prof John Neely as "imagine what the form of a bubble would look like if you were to fart in the bath tub?" I love these narrow bases that demonstrate so much volume that it looks like air is pushing out from the inside.
I forgot to make notes but I believe these pots were Spanish 15 century. Hey, check out the handles and the great use of the pie crust around the neck.
These two bowls stopped Robin and I in our tracks. She said "Dad these look like bowls you made. Check out the handles!" I love these bowls but would never have thought to put a big pouring spout on them that is until today!!!
Pots from the V and A that blow my mind.


Dennis Allen said…
Any advice for those of us that take showers?
Polish Pottery said…
That's truly a piece of art
Linda Starr said…
once when my nephew was about two or three he farted in the bathtub and said "Oops my butt burped". out of the mouths of babes
gz said…
It is mind-blowing when you find a pot, millenia old....and its just like your own latest work.

If you're ever up in Glasgow have a look at the Burrell collection..I'm not sure what they have online..

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