Shagadelic baby, yeah!

Had a great day today trimming and putting handles on. Here are some of the bowls I turned into baskets. I also did some awesome mini moon jars. I'm actually pooped from doing handles. Some of these pots have 6 handles on each. Each one I did I changed the position and kept referencing Austin Powers( Canada's own Mike Meyers) with "Shagadelic baby, yeah!" Andrew thought I had lost my mind but I actually felt like I had found it and was on a handle roll. There was probably more weight in handles than there was in the weight of the bowl. Making one off pots takes longer than making repeats. I had a great day!
The workshop I'm doing at La Meridiana, Italy in October is really about developing a signature in your work. I wondered for a split second today whether I am the right man for this. In the past few months I have done vinyl resist, puncheong and thick slip. The one common denominator is the handle. It is amazing to me that one single element can become one's signature. The slogan of my favourite denim company Hiut Denim of Wales- "Do one thing well!"


gz said…
and boy, do you do handles well...thanks to our mentor in common, Mick Casson!!

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